Willy K

Guitarist & Songwriter for Crackshot

Willy K is a guitarist and also songwriter for the band Crackshot. His style of playing is influenced by Eddie Van Halen, George Lynch, John Sykes, and Gary Moore. You can hear a lot of those influences in his playing on his band’s latest album “After Midnight.” Willy K’s sharp riffs, sometimes heavy, has been the pillar of the bands sound since 2013 when he started the band with co-founding member Vince, the lead singer. It is not easy to find energetic performance in live guitar music in South Korea. That’s what makes Willy K so unique in his country – running around on stage with his fellow band members, just like the rock bands for the 80’s.

Willy K and his band have released two singles from the “After Midnight” album in 2017 and continue to rock Korea.

Willy K about relish

I use a lot of guitars but some of those designs get boring after playing them these days. Relish guitars have fresh new designs and sound characteristics. Due to this new design, the guitars have extraordinary harmonic overtones and sustain.

People say “simple is the best”. Relish’s straightforward approach to guitar making gives me pure, clean sound and luxury playablility. When I play one of these guitars I feel and hear the rich tone textures of the instrument, much more than other guitars. My Relish guitar definitely has her own unique “feelings” and “attitude”.

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