Jerry Cortez

Guitarist for Tower Of Power

Jerry Cortez joined Tower of Power in January of 2010. His funky rhythm style and blazing leads are a perfect fit for TOP, and the fans are hitting the message board with many compliments. A seasoned professional, Jerry has toured and recorded with artists including Michael McDonald, Tom Johnston, Jessie Colin Young, Buddy Miles, Alex Ligertwood, and many others.



"After a dozen or more shows performing with Cherry Jane, I can honestly say that this is the most unique guitar I believe I have ever played. For starters, the workmanship, attention to detail and forward thinking design is second to none. The scale length is 25.6", just slightly longer than most Fender type guitars. I usually equate said scale length with an overall stiffer feel. With Jane, it feels much shorter, more like it's 24.75" counterpart. The humbucking pickups have a sweetness about them that gives them more of the clarity of a single coil. When played clean I experience lots of definition and detail. When I kick in an overdrive or boost pedal I love how fat and warm the individual notes are for soloing. The response for overdriven sounds reminds me a lot of a semi-hollow guitar with mini humbuckers, or humbucking pickups, but with a sound all it's own. Finally, because of it's hollow chambers it has become my favorite electric guitar to play and practice with unplugged. On top of that, it is about the most comfortable guitar to hold either standing or sitting. Relish Guitars has only been in business for a few years. Not only have they raised the bar for other guitar manufactures, but I believe they are going to set new standards in design, creative innovation and tone."